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Intelligent Automation Solutions

The value of an always-on approach

Working with a process automation specialist we embarked on an always-on approach to demand generation, implemented over several years.


No matter the geography, constant nurture programmes delivered quantifiable results both in terms of opportunities, a longer term nurture stream and delivering incremental revenue over time.

“The value that Europa brings to us is way more than just the excellent qualified opportunities, but the ongoing nurture stream and market insights.  ROI isn’t only about the opportunities; it is the full-service value.

VP Global Marketing

Building Management Solutions Provider

Taking advantage of a new opportunity

A regulatory change in the market provided a new opportunity to deliver a bespoke CCTV solution in the public sector.


24 Local authorities were profiled with the objective of building a database of key stakeholders, driving awareness and interest in the solution, as well as gaining insights about other relevant strategies.


An initial pilot campaign delivered 6 immediate opportunities, as well as several for ongoing nurture.

“Impressed by the initial results and we are already able to cross sell other solutions, incredible value.”

Senior Strategic Commercial Manager


Striking while the iron is hot

A leading European country has decided to introduce a new compliance requirement for its top 250 companies within two years, which only one US based company was well placed to deliver. That company asked Europa to develop that market ahead of any competition.

The initial phase was to provide detailed insights on the pre-defined target market – both partners and implementors. Once delivered, in six months, our multilingual team quickly developed a pipeline across 40 major corporate organisations and is now extending the programme to a broader target market.

How Europa has achieved this is their trade secret: I just know we could not deliver the same in-house.”

EMEA Field Marketing Manager


Exploiting funding from the partner channel

ISVs are often specialists in their selected sectors, selling solutions from larger vendors who fund moves to penetrate further those markets.


We have just embarked on another quarterly phase of a long running programme to help one such ISV in the UK retail market, having already delivered them sales ready opportunities into over 30 well-known high street brands.

“I just need to see this programme continuing – Europa is getting us great penetration into major targets - so I’m expanding my sales team now.”

Sales Director

Building Management Systems Solutions Provider

Understanding Opportunity potential in a new sector

A sale in a new sector can be either a fluke, or can represent a real business opportunity.


We profiled 45 organisations in this new sector, providing valuable insights,  identifying where to prioritise sales efforts, as well as delivering sales ready opportunities.

“Europa provided a better understanding of this new sector and how to refine our proposition as well as providing sales engagements with defined pipeline potential”

Senior Regional Sales Director



A global tech vendor was caught wondering how to drum up new leads when coronavirus killed its annual conference.

Our multilingual team stepped in to nurture the 1,700 delegates that had signed up.  And we converted 205 into one-to-one sales meetings, more than the client had ever seen before.


Senior Marketing Manager


Delivering an opportunity with the biggest project in Britain

One of the world’s largest telecommunications groups was looking to grow as an Internet-of-Things technology provider.

We provided detailed target account profiling and sales support that led to an opportunity to work on the HS2 rail project, the biggest infrastructure programme in the UK.

In my opinion, this is the best marketing and intelligence I have received on any accounts in my time here.”

Senior IoT Solution Sales Manager

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