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A secret to phone-based demand generation in 2021

Updated: Jul 18

You might be forgiven for having pretty much given up on tele-based demand generation over the past months. With coronavirus leading to lockdowns, layoffs and logjams for half the year, it might have seemed that there was never a good time to find prospects on the phone.

And with 2021 around the corner, has anything changed? From a COVID-19 perspective, it doesn’t seem so. Across Europe, public administrations are battling to contain second waves that in many cases are even worse than those seen in March and April.

But that doesn’t mean phone-based B2B sales support has to stop. On the contrary, unless you can drum up new business then coronavirus could be just as devastating for your bottom line as it is for some businesses around you. Skillful, well-targeted and messaged strategic telemarketing will still play a vital role in getting your finances back on track.

True, many of your traditional contacts may be harder to reach. But what we’ve found at Europa is that the need for tele-based demand generation hasn’t gone away. It’s just shifted emphasis. Take the financial services sector, for instance. It’s feeling the brunt of many of coronavirus-related impacts, in areas ranging from branch services to back-end processing. But one thing banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions are keenly focused on is keeping their customers in the picture. So, at all levels, we have found there is still unmet demand not just for communications platforms and support, but also for solutions to drive competitive advantage.

Across Europe and the US, we are finding that senior line-of-business execs in such organisations are not just open for business - they are desperate for help. They do respond to properly targeted and messaged phone-based campaigns. And so, it is with sector after sector - if you are careful and think strategically rather than just tactically.

In 2021, phone-based demand generation will be as important as it ever was, or perhaps more so as key contacts continue to work from home. But to reap the benefits, you need to know where to look for the right opportunities.

Europa can help - but do not leave it so long that your competitors discover the secret too.

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