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Events cancelled? Customer relationships stalled? Pipeline in danger? We have a cure!

Updated: Jul 18

2020 has kicked off with a whole host of new challenges for marketers and salespeople who were banking on their events calendar to generate new business or accelerate existing relationships.

The Corona effect, severe weather conditions, transport issues and security fears have all conspired to stop us getting in front of customers and business partners, opening new relationships and shaking hands on new deals.

So, what’s the solution? …

As we approach Q2 2020, our world somehow must keep turning at a pace which generates new engagements and progresses deals towards successful closure.

Our clients - all major global tech players – have a string to their bow which keeps them in touch with their markets on a personal level when face-to-face engagement is just not possible.

They employ Europa’s expert technology telesales people, researchers and relationship-builders capable of gaining access to - and advancing sales opportunities with - senior execs who, for whatever reasons, cannot attend events as planned.

What we are finding already this year is that we are increasingly being called upon to fill the gap where sales have slowed down as a result of some unforeseen ‘external circumstances’ - unpredictable, but urgently demanding an alternative route to market.

We know that speed is the key here, as is response to urgent client demand for increased contact with the decision-makers in their various markets.

And of course, our clients want to see ROI, which flows from quality results that enter the pipeline quickly and reach the bottom line faster than potentially event activity would!

If you have been impacted by the effects of a virus, flood or cancellation of any sort which is curtailing your chances of hitting target this year, please contact us to understand how we have helped others in the same position.

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