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Outsourcing demand generation lowers your risk

A dilemma faced by most B2B marketing teams is deciding how and where to split the budget for their demand generation strategy, especially for telemarketing. While it might initially appear beneficial to keep this in-house, it is often a better idea to outsource it.

Outsourcing provides the ability to scale faster with the major added benefit of allowing you to minimise overheads.

To run a demand generation campaign successfully you require a relevant value proposition, quality data, and experienced researchers – perhaps with the ability to conduct conversations in multiple languages. You may consider employing a small team who can cover two or three languages full-time. But what happens when you require an additional language or a much bigger sales pipeline?

Do you spend valuable time interviewing, employing, and training more people on your propositions? You may find yourself endlessly repeating this process to ensure all bases are covered. You run the risk of recruiting a costly team that is neither able to adapt to the demands of the business, nor be used efficiently.

The simplest and most effective solution is to outsource to a company that can provide all of this for you without those high staffing overheads and in a far shorter timeframe – enter Europa.

The benefits of outsourcing become apparent when you consider what an external demand generation specialist company like us has at its disposal:

– A dedicated team of specialist researchers who have years of high-end B2B experience

– A vast array of languages to cover target markets in different regions

– The ability to scale up or down depending on budget and proposition

– An understanding of data to help support the best possible results for your specific offerings, sectors, and geographies

Taking this approach enables your sales teams to focus on closing business and enables your marketing teams to explore other marketing strategies. It shifts the burden of tele-based demand generation to a specialist company that knows how to discover opportunities and intelligence in exchange for your hard-won marketing budgets. Rather than wasting precious resources on training, you now have access to scalable resources that can be adapted to suit each quarter.

At Europa, we are proud to offer an extremely talented team of seasoned B2B researchers who share over 25 languages between them. Our account managers work with our clients to scale up or down their campaigns depending on the available budget, the specific proposition, target geographies, and verticals. We in turn uncover sales qualified leads (SQLs) for our clients as well as successful nurture programmes that deliver long-term sales conversion.

How do you operate your Demand Generation programmes?

  • We keep it in-house

  • We outsource it to specialist agencies

  • We do a bit of both

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can cut the risk in your demand generation.

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