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The hidden value in demand generation

When implementing a B2B demand generation programme, conventionally its success is measured by the number of opportunities found. However, given the new virtual landscape in which we find ourselves working, this view could be considered short-sighted – it misses the vast amount of intelligence that the programme should also create.

While qualified opportunities are, quite rightly, the primary focus of a demand generation campaign, usually they are only a small portion of the output.

Building a Database

Who do you call? Target data does not grow on trees (sadly), instead, it must be meticulously built. One of the most constructive ways to build your data set is through an ongoing telemarketing programme. As it progresses you will develop a database filled with relevant contacts, insights into the current situation of each target account and potentially where they are headed, along with other important information about that organisation.

Locating Key Decision Makers

Even before calling, experienced researchers (telemarketers) dedicate a sizeable portion of their time to finding the best possible relevant contacts in the organisations they are to target. These contacts are either then qualified in or out when calling. This is a critical output – a qualified database of key decision-makers in your chosen target accounts.

A researcher may discover that an organisation has its decision-makers operating from a separate department in the company, or even a different country. This is obviously useful – calling the right people in the correct places along with your intriguing proposition is most likely to result in opportunities! Of course, putting effort into calling people in the wrong position or those who don’t have decision-making ability, apart from being questionable in GDPR terms, results in a loss of time, budget, and team morale.

At Europa, we have always seen the value in uncovering this information. But throughout the pandemic entire sectors have been almost uncontactable by phone with some switchboards even refusing to redirect calls. We have been able to advise our clients on alternative and more rewarding sectors to explore.

Uncovering Market Intelligence

The secret in uncovering intelligence successfully during demand generation programmes is great conversations. These are best conducted by talented researchers who ask the right open questions – and listen. The team requires a genuine understanding, not just of the proposition, but also the pain points both within the industry they are targeting, and which are likely to be felt by the person they are talking to in their job role.

Consequently, we gain a wealth of intelligence from the key people we talk to about their current situation, solutions in use by the company, future requirements and projects, organisational structure, relevant contact information, and more. These are challenging insights to obtain without a seasoned professional researcher who knows how and when to ask the right questions.

Demand Generation – so much more than an opportunity!

So, working with an external demand generation specialist such as Europa should give you speedy access not only to sales opportunities but also to:

  • Detailed information on your suspects

  • New contacts there

  • Key market insights

  • Other verticals that you could be targeting

Our researchers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide ‘gold-dust’ insights throughout your campaign.

Interested? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you realise the true value of your demand generation programmes.

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