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What we've learnt and how we've changed in a year

Updated: Jul 18

Expect plenty of ‘aren’t things different now’ commentaries as we look forward to what 2021 will bring. To say that 2020 was unusual is a massive understatement, but then trying to find an apt description for the last 12 months isn’t easy. It was a year like none of us has experienced before.

And at Europa, 2020 was unusual not just because of the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying woes.

While many businesses, including Europa, were worrying about their commercial models in light of lockdowns and healthcare concerns, we actually also had something to celebrate: a management buyout.

That gave us an additional reason to step back and review the way we ran our business. And it’s fair to say we’ve come through the experience as a company that is significantly different to the Europa of 12 months ago.

With companies quite understandably reining in their business development activities and putting budgets on hold, we had to ask ourselves where we were adding the most value to our clients’ operations. The answer, we realised, was in focusing on quality above quantity.

At a time when our clients could not afford to make mistakes, it was important to offer a service that was 100% reliable.

Many agencies would say this, but at Europa we now have an informal test to prove it: when we assign our researchers to work on your campaigns, we view them as members of your team as well as ours.

To reinforce this point, many of our researchers are now effectively working as outsourced members of our clients’ business development teams.

The quality of their results means they are trusted to work shoulder to shoulder—metaphorically speaking in these socially distanced times, of course—with in-house experts, listening to and learning about our clients’ needs and concerns every day.

And for projects that require extra brainpower or elbow grease, we established similarly trusted relationships with other providers. We believe we are an even more responsive, sensitive and thoughtful agency now than we were a year ago.

Based on the feedback we are now receiving from clients, that’s a positive change. So, for Europa and its clients, at least, there’s been something of a silver lining to the challenges of 2020. If you would like to find out more, then contact us now.

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