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It all starts with data…..


How many times have we heard from our clients: we know our data is bad, we just don’t know how bad.  As data is built from multiple sources over time, managed by different business functions, it can be erroneously entered and often misused, it’s no wonder campaign results are impacted.


Inaccurate data drives poor campaign targeting, outcomes and business decisions, and for marketers focusing on ABM, demand generation, lead nurturing and scoring, delivering and maintaining clean data is critical.  Not only that, the ever present need to minimise data risk and ensuring GDPR and PECR compliance.

If you want to be a more data-driven organisation, where do you start?

Data Audit

A Data Audit is an essential first step in understanding the current state of your data. This will help to prioritise and address critical gaps in your data, but also becomes a valuable benchmark for future data quality management.


In the Data Audit, we will assess the following:

  • Data population – Of the total records, how many have a value in that field? What portion match acceptable values for the field? How many unique values are stored?

  • Data age – How fresh is the data? When was the last record with a value in that field created?

  • Activity levels – What volume of the marketing database is inactive? Owned by an inactive internal user?

  • Data gap identification

Resulting in improved

  • Geographic and firmographic data for segmentation

  • Account and contact profile data for targeting

Data Optimisation

This is all about ensuring your data is in optimal shape to drive effective marketing activity geared to the outcome of the audit:

  • Deduplication of data to eliminate multiple records

  • Elimination of aged data

  • Cleansing existing data and standardising naming conventions

  • Enrichment of existing data by adding contacts and demographic information


Data Sourcing

Due to our extensive global data resources we can:

  • Complete the  identified gaps in your current data, as well as source additional data to the same target profile

  • Deliver  targeted databases for new geographies and industry sectors for demand generation campaigns

  • Do you have an ideal prospect profile?  Then we can source data to match to

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