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Do you need to VALIDATE a planned investment?

Minimise investment risk, define market potential, build databases, test propositions, find opportunities with a market study.
Whether starting up or scaling up, minimising the risk for ongoing investment is always a primary objective. There is proven value in using some of the investment budget to validate the market and proposition before undertaking any major activity at scale.
This ability to provide tangible, demonstrable evidence to attract or confirm investment can give a level of confidence to key stakeholders such as investors – or your CFO!
By talking to and profiling even a small number of prospects in a specific vertical or region it is possible to establish the viability or otherwise of the potential market. It can also provide insights to help refine and develop the proposition and messaging. In some cases, it could even deliver some initial opportunities too. 

So, based on experience with campaigns of this kind, Europa has designed a specific market validation research to deliver market feedback and generate initial opportunities.


Therefore, whether you are seeking to:

  • Scope/confirm the actual market potential

  • Test your value proposition 

  • Discover the extent of the competitive landscape

  • Establish an ideal customer profile

  • Build a target contact database

  • Generate short term opportunities to build a pipeline


Our market validation research can provide you with the answers you are looking for. Contact us to discuss our fixed cost package which can be tailored to your needs.

Use cases
A change in legislation provided an opportunity, but to what extent?

A regulatory change in the market provided one of our recent customers with the opportunity to deliver a bespoke CCTV solution for Local Authorities to enforce moving traffic offences. A small target list was created but they needed to develop an ABM approach with several key stakeholders in each Local Authority to approach not only with this solution but also to build a database with specific job titles to promote other relevant solutions in the future. 


24 Local Authorities were profiled identifying the relevant decision makers, gauging the level of knowledge and interest in the new solution and insights about other current strategies. In addition, this delivered 6 immediate opportunities as well as several for ongoing nurture.

A large deal came from an unexpected vertical sector – a one off fluke sale or more opportunity worth the effort to exploit?​

A large deal came from an unexpected sector and a client wanted to understand whether this was a fluke sale or there was potential for more sales in this specialist vertical.


45 organisations were called and profiled to understand the level of brand awareness and opportunity. As a result, more opportunities we identified, a database of key prospects was built for ongoing marketing and nurture.

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