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Event boost or a more strategic demand generation approach

As face-to-face events are now back in integrated marketing plans, the desire to meet customers and prospects in person is as strong as ever, however the challenge of getting the people you want to meet at your event remains.


Telemarketing is often used to boost registration and attendance, however there can be a more strategic approach to ensure that any conversation can have demand generation outcomes as well as attracting an event attendance. Reaching senior decision makers by phone is always a challenge, so when a conversation takes place, it should be a real opportunity to gather as much information as possible and discover any possible opportunities.


Europa’s philosophy is always to maximise the value of every conversation, whether to gain insights, ascertain an opportunity, clarify a need for nurture, or indeed confirm participation at an event. Taking a more strategic approach to event boost activity means a far greater return on investment, not just for a short-term campaign, but identifying longer-term opportunities and valuable market feedback.


It's also worth noting that using a tele-based approach to drive event attendance can only be truly effective if the content of the event is compelling and is promoted to a highly targeted audience. Then there is likely to be less resistance to them leaving their desks to take the opportunity to learn, network and listen to what you want to communicate. It will also reduce the call time in convincing someone to attend the event and allow more time in gathering additional information from a demand generation perspective.

Some people may want to attend the event, but will not be available on the given date, so once again the opportunity to engage and establish an opportunity is not a wasted call, despite the fact they will not be attending the event itself.


Taking a demand generation approach, rather than a simple event boost, can yield a much better return on the marketing investment. However, this requires more experienced researchers capable of developing a conversation to establish an opportunity, rather than a team only focused on driving event attendance through volume calling.

As the 2024 event season heats up and you want to drive more opportunity from your event boost engagements, call us today and we would be happy to help.

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