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Holidays? By all means, but not for demand gen!

Updated: May 21

The upcoming summer break may mean holiday times ahead - but not for demand generation.

So, will all your key purchasers be away from their desks whether in the office as before or more so now remotely at home, for longer? And how does that impact demand generation?

In the UK - and across Europe - a focus on results can take a back seat as many take a well-earned breakaway from a screen. Time to pause your demand generation activity, perhaps? Not necessarily.

Yes, it is true that your emails during these times may be met with a higher level of out-of-office messages. And many of your key prospects may not be available. But there are three good reasons why you should think twice about writing off holiday periods from a demand generation perspective.

The first and most obvious one is that not everyone is away all the time. Those who are still working may themselves be seeing less activity than normal, which means they could have more time to respond to marketing approaches. Thus, putting a stop to demand generation activity during holiday periods could mean missing what could be one of the most fruitful periods in terms of response.

The second is that we have all become used to remote working - many aren’t in the office so much nowadays anyway – so the whole idea of ’not being in the office’ is almost irrelevant. We are used to working in that environment now, and what used to be a block to demand generation activity – for us anyway – is no longer an issue.

The final reason you should keep your lead generation machine running is that any lull in activity is a good time to review and analyse recent campaigns and start building nurture and follow up campaigns for the remainder of the year. It is also a great time to run insights campaigns, as often people have more time to discuss their views.

As a quick to do list when you have the time;

· Review results from the year to date and establish what worked and what did not.

· Plan out the rest of the year and create campaigns that will maximise your chances of success.

· Keep your lead generation campaigns going.

· Consider an insights campaign to test a value proposition, scope a market opportunity or gain customer feedback

Hold on a moment, though—how are you going to do all this when you want to take holiday too? The good news is that we can take care of all these tasks while you take your break and keep sales pipelines growing. To make sure you too can take a relaxed break, contact us now.

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